A Pet Rabbit That Is the Size of a Dog Goes Viral

As a result, the Seattle, Washington-based Continental Giant rabbit named Cocoa Puff is creating a stir on social media. Despite his size, he expresses a lovable charm. He has gained a lot of attention and new social media followers thanks to his incredible physique. This enormous lad has 322,000 followers on Instagram alone. The Morning Show interviewed Cocoa Puff’s owner Lindsay about her family’s choice to adopt the pet. The family decided against getting a pet because they are renters even though her daughter Macy really wanted one. They opted to look into the possibility of rabbits instead.

The family discovered two things as they ventured into the unknown. First, huge bunnies do exist, and second, they get along great with kids. The consequence was Cocoa Puff. The gentle giant took a while to get used to his new surroundings, but once he did, he was soon settled into his new routine as a house bunny. Lindsay guessed that the home training took between six and seven months. Rabbits, on the other hand, are fairly intelligent.  He learns a new trick in no time at all. Cocoa Puff gets to go on family outings despite not being a dog. However, the family stays away from taking Cocoa Puff to places where dogs might be present for fear that one might get too close and decide to use him as a chew toy.

Cocoa Puff' giant rabbit | 'Cocoa Puff' the pet rabbit is nearly as big as  his human owner, netizens can't believe their eyes [WATCH] | Trending &  Viral News

He consumes two large plates of greens every day. He also eats regular rabbit food, hay, and a few tasty treats like dried banana or mango slices, despite the fact that he is a rabbit. The family has also expressed appreciation for the fact that their enormous bun doesn’t seem to enjoy snacking on things that aren’t food-related. Owners of indoor rabbits must take precautions to prevent their animals from chewing on electrical wires, iPhone charger cables, or computer charger cords because they are natural chewers.

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