This Clever Hummingbird Built a Roofed Shelter for Itself

These nests reveal the level of skill that was used in their construction if you look at them closely. To raise their young, birds build them with love and care.
This hummingbird mother figured out an amazing way to make her home cozier.

Bianca Environmentalist Caroline Soares discovered and captured this magnificent nest on camera. It’s not unusual to see a hummingbird nest perched on a branch in the forest close to her Paraguayan home. But last spring while out for a stroll, she came across an odd one! This nest had a roof over it! She was astounded! Of the five hummingbird nests she noticed that day, she thought this one was the most creative.

A leafy roof provides protection and shade for the nest. Additionally, it’s a great place to start a family.

Over time, the infants gained strength and ventured out on their own. I hope they took what they could from their mother and build their own ones.

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