In a Cute Scene, Brave Lion Cubs Disturb Their Sleeping Father

You need to have a lot of patience with your kids as a parent since all they want to do is have fun. But it turns out that when you’re a sleeping lion, staying quiet is not an option! A wildlife photographer captured on camera a group of mischievous lion cubs who really wanted to discover how patient their dad could be in a series of incredibly funny pictures.

His little pups wanted to have fun, and they thought playing with his tail may be the ideal activity while the gorgeous adult was sound asleep. A German photographer named Ingo Gerlach captured the action as it unfolded in Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve by being in the ideal place at the ideal time.

“There were about eight cubs; they were about six weeks old,” the 66-year-old photographer told MailOnline. The father refused to take care of the family and fell asleep at the edge of a bush. The king’s patience was instantly tested, and he made it clear to his cubs that he was not in the mood. He so reasoned that his roar would be sufficient to keep them at bay. The adage “like father, like son” has never been more true, as the brave cubs kept upsetting their father until he chose to find another area to rest. The lion’s father was furious, but no amount of threatening roaring could stop the children.

Gerlach remarked, “The mischievous cubs found their dad’s bushy tail!” After a few periods of playing with it, their father yelled at them while licking his teeth. But because the children kept bothering their father, this only lasted a short while. The dispute went on for thirty minutes before the lion moved to a nearby bush.

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