After Taking It Off, a Man Gives His Cold Shirt to a Stray Dog

The other day in So Paulo, Brazil, Fernando Gabriel and his brother Felipe were getting ready to enter the metro. Felipe saw someone as he approached the ticket counter, though.

Guy Takes The Shirt Off His Back And Gives It To A Cold Stray Dog - The Dodo

The Dodo Gabriel claims to have seen a pet shivering in the cold. That day was the coldest of the year.

Gabriel, though, puzzledly observed as his brother began to undress.

“I saw my brother take his bag off his back and begin recording,” Gabriel continued. He continued on. The dog was quite cold, so he took off his overcoat and sweater and put on his shirt. He completed it instantly. It deeply affected me. Felipe didn’t expect anyone would be aware of his admirable act, but his brother’s film has now become more well-known.

Guy Takes The Shirt Off His Back And Gives It To A Cold Stray Dog - The Dodo

Then Gabriel said, “I hardly ever publish anything on my feed.” But it’s worth mentioning.

One of the dog’s favourite shirts was given to him, and Felipe said, “It looks better on him.”

In order to bring the dog home with them, Felipe and his brother later searched for him when they passed through the station once more on their return journey. However, by that point, the dog had left, undoubtedly a little warmer as a result of the shirt and the affection that had been shown to him.

Kind man gives shirt off his back to help stray dog

Felipe expressed remorse for not being able to do more for the dog that day but expressed continued optimism that people would be inspired to assist others who were in need.

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