A Stray Dog Tried Five Times To Steal This Soft Unicorn From a Store

A fuzzy purple unicorn might make Sisu’s life on the streets a little bit easier, the stray canine thought.

After a stray dog stole a unicorn toy from a store five times, animal control bought it for him

Sisu broke into a Dollar General five times in North Carolina last week in an attempt to steal the unicorn toy. However, every time he tried to take it, a store employee would see him, take the thing away, and put it back on the shelf. The Dollar General worker asked Duplin County Animal Services for assistance when it became evident that Sisu would persist. “We got a complaint from our communications centre that Sisu was at a Dollar General coming in and grabbing a unicorn, and he’d done this five times,” said Joe Newburn, the director of Duplin County Animal Services.

A Stray Dog Who Kept Trying To Steal A Purple Unicorn From A Store Gets A Toy And A Forever Home | Bored Panda

When all else failed, they had to lock the door to keep him out. When my cop arrived and she saw how much he desired the unicorn, she bought it.

Dog Tried 5 Times To Steal This Fluffy Unicorn From Dollar General - The Dodo

Animal control officer Samantha Lane thought it only right to buy the toy. According to Newburn, she only bought the unicorn because it is what she does. She acts in that way towards every animal she comes across. Nobody is sure why Sisu is so fixated on the unicorn, but they speculate that he might relate it to his former residence. The one-year-old puppy is refusing to give up his new toy now that he has it.

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