A Stray “Kitten” That a Farmer Finds and Brings Home Turns Out To Be a Young Cougar

In that region of the Columbia, there were many abandoned animals, so Guzman’s only concern was how to assist them. He picked up the shy kitten and carried it inside his house, where he cared for and fed it. He soon realized that the little cat wasn’t acting normally for a cat, though.

The farmer said, “I discovered him on the road. He had a cat-like appearance. I was scared of him because he had a long tail and big ears. In addition, his behavior was not the same as that of a pet cat.

The Tolima Regional Autonomous Corporation is the nation’s environmental agency, according to Guzman. Guzman wasn’t sure what the rescue “kitten” was, so they sent someone to check on it. The tiny animal the farmer discovered was actually a cougar and not a cat at all. Because they hadn’t received enough food, the wild animals were in poor condition at around two months old.

Farmer Brings Home 'Kitten' That Turns Out to Be Baby Cougar - YouTube

The young cougar was brought to Ibagué’s Center of Attention and Value for Wild Animals. He’ll remain there until he feels well enough to return to his mother’s house. This farmer was kind and gave a chance to a helpless baby animal.

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