A Baby Owl Falls From His Nest and Accidentally Lands in an Office

Maryam Khalil entered her office at Forman Christian College one morning and saw one of the most amazing things she had ever seen.

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“I saw a beautiful owl near my cubical,” Khalil reported. One of my colleagues had him in their possession. That was the cutest thing we’ve ever seen at an office. The baby owl had wide, golden eyes and a downy coat of grey and brown feathers. During her morning and evening strolls around campus, Khalil had seen a lot of birds, but she had never been so close to one.

Adorable Baby Owl Falls From His Nest And Winds Up In An Office - The Dodo

A coworker of Khalil’s picked up the young owl after he had fallen from his nearby nest during a severe thunderstorm and brought him inside to dry off. The tiny bird was wrapped in a nice fabric to keep him warm because it was summer and the office air conditioner was set to full blast.

Khalil said, “I put him in a box in my lap when he started looking around with his gorgeous eyes.”

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While he dozed off for a short while, we fed him during the day. She felt like there was something familiar about this owl.

Khalil commented, “This wasn’t a baby owl, but he looked charming while winking at us.

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