The Huge Lion Cuddles Adorable Child While Impersonating Mufasa and Simba From the Lion King

You are undoubtedly aware of the upcoming Disney adaptation of The Lion King.  Everyone is aware of how gorgeous and well-liked the original series was and how successful the remake will be. What about a Mufasa and Simba scene in real life? In the end, this wildlife photographer managed to capture the perfect shot. The well-known Disney cartoon scene is also recreated.

Photographer Sabine Bernert of Paris captured the endearing picture while filming a documentary in Kenya’s Masai Mara. The images show a regal lion watching over his domain while one of his cubs—clearly the most mischievous one—sneaks behind his father and begs for a huge embrace. The poignant moment  was recorded as she was shooting some images for a children’s book. What a sweet moment she was able to capture. “The lion seemed to have only just noticed the cubs.” They then started having fun while playing. The contrast between the male lion’s sheer strength and his compassion really stands out while he is lovingly cuddling the pup.

The way this enormous lion was playing with the cubs so lovingly astonished me. They certainly appeared to be having fun and enjoying themselves. It was a genuine act of grace when the sunlight cast its exquisite light upon it.

It will air in less than a month, as for the Lion King remake. So pay attention!

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