A Group of Giant Crabs Invade a Family’s Picnic

Amy Luetich and her family were camped out on Christmas Island, an Australian possession in the Indian Ocean.

There, they had the chance to get to know coconut crabs.There are one of the island’s most stunning species and the largest land-dwelling arthropods in the world.

A couple of the giant crabs had been spotted by Luetich during the day, happily going about their business in the neighboring forests.

But later, when the family was preparing a picnic at their campground, the crabs changed their minds.

“We lighted our camp fire, and when we started cooking, the smell of the meal attracted a whole big number of robber crabs.” “They were everywhere as we tried to eat our food,” Luetich said. Even though the throng of hungry crabs moved a little too slowly to successfully take any of the family’s food, they still gave it a shot.


Here on the island, they are respected and protected. Throughout supper, Luetich’s son attempted to relocate the crabs safely into the jungle. The hardy crustaceans were unconcerned.

Because they “kept coming back until we packed up all of our food and the scent of cooking faded away,” according to Luetich, her family will never forget this picnic. Really weird things happen.

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