For a Toad That Has Chosen To Live In Her Shoe, a Woman Does Extraordinary Things

One evening last year, a small green stranger knocked on Sita Hood’s door without warning. The visitor was a toad, and she jumped right in and made herself at home.

The Hood may have kicked out that cocky amphibian. She instead offered a pair of shoes. The toad obviously had a great time on the first night since she decided to stay. She started eating bugs every evening after dark on Hood’s porch and in the vicinity.

She visited the place so frequently that Hood gave her the moniker Jabba the Toad.

Hood remarked, “I started leaving the light on to attract bugs for Jabba.”Jabba constantly went back to her favorite area, one of Hood’s running shoes left out on the porch, whether she was not hungry or simply needed to rest. Since a toad was inside of it, Hood definitely couldn’t wear her footwear. But Hood didn’t give a damn.

“Giving my shoes was not a great thing,” she added.

Why not if it offered comfort or protection to her?

Jabba had no question that Hood’s kindness had been appreciated, and she was fully aware of that.

Hood noticed Jabba hopping away from the shoes toward the end of the summer and then into the woods near her home, where she would likely hibernate for the upcoming winter.

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