A Kind Dog Tries To Help His Bound Friend Escape

It makes sense why a moving video has recently been making the rounds on social media. It displays friendship perfectly.

A dog is seen in the now-viral video, chewing through a leash to free another dog who is restrained next to a house. Thankfully, the liberator dog’s tenacity pays off.

Nice Dog Steps In To Help His Tied Up Friend Escape - The Dodo

Both dogs excitedly run off after the tether is severed.

Some viewers boldly surmised that the chained dog was being rescued by a stray from an endless life of confinement on a short leash. The pup was saved from less severe circumstances nevertheless.

Both Gamaliel Santos Yaez and his fiancee truly appreciate both dogs. They go by the names Thayson and Boby. Thayson was keeping Boby out of the bathtub rather than saving him from neglect.

Yaez informed Boby that his fiancée was getting ready to bathe him. “When they are restrained by a leash, we merely walk them or bathe them.” While we wash them, we utilize it to keep them from scurrying around and becoming dirty.

Though Thayson’s release of Boby caused the bath to be delayed, Yaez couldn’t help but be moved by the dog’s consideration of his friend.

“They spend all their time together,” Yañez said. “They are very good friends.”

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