“Silly” Horse Finds Herself in a Very Confusing Situation

The large fields at Ann McQueen’s Florida estate provide this horse, named Pixie, lots of room to graze and play. Even so, the endearing little filly managed to find herself trapped and powerless. Pixie was imprisoned. It was an odd circumstance.

Pixie was stuck inside the hay rack’s bars, where her food is usually placed when she is being fed. It was impossible to tell how she had gotten there because of the way her legs were arranged inside the rack.

Pixie didn’t appear that concerned when McQueen saw her in that precarious position, though.

McQueen said that Pixie was standing in the hay rack staring at him. “She wasn’t writhing, sweating, or bleeding, but she was stuck.”

Soon after, a Walton County Fire Rescue unit showed up to provide assistance.

The Jaws of Life were used to cut a path through the hay rack so Pixie could pass. She still required a little nudge, though. Pixie was fine! Pixie is safe today, but many people are still baffled by the circumstances that led to her situation.

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