A Woman Successfully Outwits a Dog That Keeps Attempting to Squeeze Through a Fence

When Julia Morley first spotted the tiny Chihuahua Lu-Seal at an animal shelter in Pittsburgh, he was hardly able to move. Lu-Seal weighed 16 pounds, which is twice as much as what is typical for a dog of her size.



But once Morley got the now-9-year-old puppy home, she seemed to get smaller. She lost weight after I put her on a balanced diet and gave her as much exercise as she could handle. “She’s doing well today and has a healthy weight.” Lu-Seal is more active than ever and has maintained a healthy weight for three years.

But never was her weight reduction more noticeable than when her mother had a brand-new fence put up around her yard. She might be able to fit between the bars of the fence, but I never considered that when I chose it, according to Morley.

Lu-Seal is constantly looking for her neighbor Eddie when it comes to the best treats. The new fence posed a small barrier when Lu-Seal attempted to leave her yard to chase him. Every time Lu-Seal went outside, she was determined to get through the fence, so Morley had to move quickly.

After Morley shared her problem on Lu-Instagram, Seal, one of the dog’s fans, offered a humorous solution: strapping a “safety spoon” to the dog’s back.

The results of the spoon experiment were amusing, and the notion appeared just wild enough to work. After being secured to her harness with Velcro cable ties, it worked properly. “We merely used it as a temporary fix.” The gardener came back a week later and added puppy guards to the fence.

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