They Construct Equipment That Collects Trash Brought by Magpies

Being an expert in both robotics and man-made technology, this man had the brilliant idea to build a device to feed birds.

Hans had this brilliant idea as he observed two magpies wandering in his backyard. Like crows, these birds tried to steal the paraffin candles from his lanterns. Hans was a strong believer in using these knowledgeable people for good.

That is how he came to build a device to gather garbage in his yard and turn it into food. For him and many of us, this is a brand-new task.

Hans’ device eliminates waste to provide food.

A magpie can get food as a reward by dropping a bottle cap into the machine.

Bird food needs to be put in the dispenser. Therefore, when a piece of trash is put in the container, it provides at least two items of food.
When a piece of trash is moved, it funnels food to a small area through a tube so that the bird can retrieve it.

Hans had to train the magpies to reuse for a few years.

Hans had been raising magpies for a number of years, but it had not been simple. He asserts that in order to get the birds to consistently see Hans, he first had to pique their interest in the food he was offering.

The mature birds were wary because they were aware of potential threats.

Hans realized that younger children are braver and much simpler to train after the offspring.

Compared to adult magpies, young ones are more friendly.

The procedure is not simple. The equipment also has its own visual interface and electric motors.

The main box includes a Raspberry Pi system, a camera, detectors, and electronics to analyze every movement.

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