A Woman Uses a Plastic Container To Protect Her Best Friend From Devastating Floods

Just a few minutes remained for Chloe Adams and Sandy, her childhood dog, to figure out how to flee the encroaching floodwaters. To get to safety, they’d have to swim from their house to a neighbor’s rooftop.
The water was cold and had a slight stream, so her elderly dog couldn’t swim.
“I was more worried about losing her in the sea than I was about myself,” Adams said. I had to figure out how to float her safely through the water.

Flooding in New Jersey


Adams attempted to float on Sandy’s bed, but it sank due to the rapid rise of the flood waters. She next grabbed a plastic bag big enough for Sandy, but even that was beginning to sink. She ultimately found a couch cushion and tucked it below the container to keep Sandy afloat .

Adams and Sandy were trapped on the rooftop for the next five hours while waiting to be rescued in the cold rain and still-rising floods.

Adams recalled, “I held Sandy in my lap the entire time and put the plastic container over her to keep the rain off of her.” The two survivors were ultimately saved by Adams’ uncle using his kayak. They are currently safe while recovering from the terrible occurrence at Adams’ grandmother’s home. However, they are ecstatic to be together.

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