Animals Are Kept Alive in Key Tags and Sold in China for $1.50

The fact that people in China keep live fish, turtles, and other amphibians on their keychains annoys animal rights activists. These charms are merely tiny plastic bags with sufficient water to keep the animal alive. A small number of oxygen crystals and other food are also in the bag for the animals’ survival. However, the animal is in a tiny cage so that its owner can play with it.

In China Trapped Live Animals Are Sold As Keychains

If the owner wants their pet to live, they must cut it out of the plastic because the animals can only survive in their tiny cages for a short period of time. Unfortunately, not everyone follows this advice. Some people abandon the animals until they pass away, at which point they reject them.

Animals Trapped Alive In Keychains Sold For $1.50 In China

Strange souvenirs like these are frequently offered outside train and subway stations for as little as $1.50. Captain Planet was the photographer. These keychains are still legal, according to Qin Xiaona, director of the NGO Capital Animal Welfare Association. Because only wild animals in China are protected, and these animals are not wild.

Animals Trapped Alive In Keychains Sold For $1.50 In China

“China only has laws pertaining to the defense of wild animals. The law does not apply to domesticated animals” Qin said. A petition to stop the sale of these upsetting trinkets has received over 1 million signatures. According to Snopes, these peculiar keychains first appeared on the market in 2012 or 2013. However, according to PETA and other organizations, these products have existed since 2008.

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