In This Wild Footage, Pigs Fight off a Large Bear That Jumps Into Their Pen

As therapy pigs, Rebecca Shaw acquired Mary and Hammy over a year ago. They were enjoying the day in their cozy enclosure in New Milford, Connecticut when a strange visitor came to see them. A black bear jumped in after climbing the fence, but it wasn’t what he expected. The pigs fought bravely to keep their pen without giving up.

The large bear entered, and when it came across Mary, she didn’t think twice about attacking. After a short while, Hammy went to his friend for assistance, and the two of them successfully caught the bear and forced him to escape. After watching the moment’s video, the pigs’ owner was speechless.

I’m very proud of them, the woman said, as little Hammy runs away from his own shadow and saw Mary battling the bear. He exclaimed, “Oh no, no way, get out.”

Fortunately for them, none of the pigs were harmed, and despite their initial feeling of fear, they quickly got over it. “Thank God they are okay because it could have been much worse,” Rebecca said.

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