A Hungry Armadillo Calls a Car for Help

Cledson Matias de Oliveira observed something in the road last week while he was driving down a country road on a hot afternoon.

There, in the middle of the street, could be seen a tiny armadillo. He looked like he was telling Cledson to quit.

This Thirsty Armadillo Flagged Down A Car To Ask For Help | Bored Panda

“By standing, the armadillo gave the impression of pleading.” I believe he was asking for help, “Cledson said. “I immediately came to a halt the car without pausing.” In addition to being extremely hot outside, the area was also smokey due to nearby wildfires. Cledson was correct to think that the young armadillo was thirsty.

Thirsty Armadillo Flags Down Man For Water | FaithPot

The kind witness then moved the armadillo to the side of the road and got some water from his car before giving it to the animal.

He drank the water eagerly, Cledson reported. He was ecstatic. [I paused] I can currently feel it. Cledson continued, “I believe he recognized I was attempting to help him.” Armadillos frequently become aggressive when approached. It was outstanding and fantastic. The armadillo lingered next to Cledson for a time after it was done, which Cledson saw as a show of respect and gratitude.

Thirsty Armadillo Flags Down Man For Water | FaithPot

The armadillo belonged in the wild, and although Cledson considered bringing it home to wait out the flames, he was aware that this was against the law. However, just being able to save the little creature was already a reward in and of itself.

It was pretty wonderful and pleasant. Cledson commented.

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