The Dog Starts to Cry When His Father Finally Finds His Missing Dog

It was a nightmare for three long months for Rustico Samson Jr. and his family.

Missing Dog Cries After Finally Being Reunited With His Dad

Coco, the family’s beloved puppy, had disappeared from their house in the Philippines. Coco was also nowhere to be seen despite their repeated searches. I cried. “Coco is more than a pet,” Samson remarked. “There was so much anguish and so much pain.” With a description of Coco and a request that they keep an eye out for her, Samson approached friends and new acquaintances for help. The work paid off, as it turned out.

Missing Dog Cries After Finally Being Reunited With His Dad

When a stray dog like Samson was spotted in a parking garage three months after Coco vanished, Samson hurried to the scene.

I immediately recognized him when I saw a dog lying on the parking garage floor, Samson said. There was no doubt in my mind that Coco was there. At that time, Coco likely experienced similar emotions. He could be heard bawling like a baby.

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Coco’s months on the streets as a lost dog have left their mark. He was in good shape overall, clean but very slim. Fortunately, it wasn’t anything that his love for his family couldn’t help him get through.

Everything changed after Coco returned home.

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