Nothing Can Hurt A Duck’s Loving Little Boy

Tyler, Jennifer’s son, and Bee the Duck, also known as Beaker, have been friends ever since Tyler joined the family. So it comes as no surprise that Tyler’s first word was “duck.” Naturally, both friends do everything together—play, eat, sleep, and everything else. The Duck’s training with a harness had been very simple for Jennifer. The Duck goes wherever the human does.

From the time the two friends get up until the time they go to sleep, Jennifer finds it to be a little disorganized. The bee requests food when Tyler finishes and the human finds a way to steal food for his duck. Sometimes both misfits create a mess in Tyler’s area and appear equally guilty because they are both responsible.

Additionally, this Duck is very protective of his human friend. If Tyler is crying while Jennifer is holding him, he approaches her feet and quacks to make sure he’s okay and not upset. Jennifer has owned other ducks in the past, but none of them were indoor ducks.

Jennifer initially laughed when she learned that people kept ducks inside their homes, forcing the birds to wear diapers, and ultimately came to the same conclusion.

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