After Photographing a Giant Snake, a Woman Finds Out He Was Hiding Something

Jessica was recently out on a hike along the I & M Canal south of Chicago with her dog and boyfriend, keeping an eye out for any potential sightings of wild animals. She has photographed many different creatures during her treks and enjoys adding fresh pictures to her collection.

Woman Takes Photo Of Giant Snake And Realizes He Was Hiding Something - The  Dodo

Jessica said she enjoys taking pictures of interesting or beautiful animals, birds, flowers, landscapes, and skylines. “I simply enjoy being out in the thick of everything, and I want photos for mementos and souvenirs.”

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As Jessica hiked and watched for wildlife, a big snake hung out on a floating log about four feet in front of her. I looked down and he was literally at my feet, “said Jessica.

The snake was immobile and covered with water-borne leaves and moss. Jessica didn’t want to stay for too long, so she quickly snapped a picture and walked away to allow the snake some room to relax. She was happy to have the picture to remember the moment.

Given the snakes’ outstanding camouflage and the brief time she spent gazing at them. But as she looked closely at the picture, she saw that there were actually two snakes there. She couldn’t help but laugh.

The snakes had unwittingly played a practical joke on Jessica, and it had made her day.

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