Firefighters in California Save a Small Barn Owl From a Wildfire

Even the California firefighters are making every effort to put out the fires that have been raging there for months. It appears that their work is not yet done. Additionally, the courageous men and women work to assist and save as many lives as they can. This time, an Orange County Fire Authority team discovered a helpless owl while battling the Silverado Fire.

The small creature, whose wings had been burned in the massive fire, didn’t seem to be in good shape. Things could only get worse for the barn owl because it was helpless and unable to fly. But the heroic firefighters saved it by coming to its assistance. A firefighter is heard saying, “Poor guy,” in the video. “Get some help, buddy. We’ll get it.”

The poor animal is seen taking a nap on a first responder’s lap in a brief video that the Fire Department has released. As soon as it was no longer in danger, the crew transported it to the Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital. He is now working with animal control, the Orange County Fire Authority later wrote, “He is safe and sound.”

Barn owl recovering after being rescued by OC firefighters during Silverado  Fire

The local veterinarians said it only has a few minor wounds and will recover quickly. We’ll have to keep him for a few months until he grows new feathers, they remarked. “Once he gets new feathers, he can fly free.”

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