After Meeting a Golden Retriever, This Leopard Became Best Friends With Him

Tommy is a sweet Golden Retriever, and even though they are very different from one another, they enjoy chasing and playing with each other before cuddling up for a warm hug. At the South African Glen Afric Country Lodge, they first met. They haven’t been apart since that time.

Salati was just a cub when he arrived at the center. Since her mother tragically passed away, the poor thing turned to the most benevolent and compassionate animal she could find: a dog. Tommy immediately took the disoriented and lost cub under his wing and provided her with care and safety.

Even though it didn’t take long for the little cub to grow into a large wild cat, Salati and Tommy are still having fun together like two young children.

“Wherever you see one, look behind it to find the other.” The person who looks after Salati, Richard Brooker, said that. They work out together because they can’t live without one another and because they both have a lot of energy. They enjoy playing with each other, so it’s all good fun.

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