A Man Immediately Sells His Car To Save the Life of His Dog

Randy Etter and Gemini have been together since Gemini was a tiny puppy. Since almost two years ago, the two have been the closest of friends. One day, Gemini was having fun with Etter’s partner’s young child. Gemini acquired the bottle while playing with the daughter of Etters’ friend without his father’s knowledge and ended up biting the top off.

Man Decided To Sell His Car To Save His Dog's Life Before Strangers Came To  Help

Until Gemini started feeling quite ill, no one realized he had ingested something he shouldn’t have.

He just started to move more slowly, “just resting next to me and following me around,” Etter recalled. All I could think of was him asking for assistance.

Man Decided To Sell His Car To Save His Dog's Life Before Strangers Came To  Help

Finally, a vet was able to discover that Gemini needed surgery because of an internal blockage. Etter undoubtedly lacked the $4,500 that this operation would cost. But losing Gemini was not an option, so he decided to sell his car in an effort to try and raise at least some of the money required to save the life of his closest friend.

Eventually, he was able to borrow $2,000 from a friend, but it was still insufficient. Then, a nearby charity learned of his situation and resolved to do everything in their power to assist Etter and Gemini.

Man Almost Sells Car To Save Dog's Life - The Dodo

Gemini is recovering well now that he is safe in the arms of his father and best friend. Etter can’t imagine what he would have done without the help of everyone who helped him keep Gemini alive, and he is immensely grateful to them all.

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