This Endearing Baby Cow Becomes Friends With a Huge Tortoise.

This African spurred turtle is named Leonardo. In 2013, it was saved from a Bangkok, Thailand, zoo that was closing.

He was taken to the Wild Animals’ Buddies Structure Thailand (WFFT) Rescue Center, which has become a home for hundreds of abandoned animals. It also serves as a home for animals who have nowhere else to go.

Leonardo is pleased and at ease at the sanctuary. It was, however, about to level up.

Cue Simon, a young cow who was found entangled in a tangle of vines while out grazing with his mother.

The WFFT took him in and fitted him with a prosthetic to help him walk. Despite this, the rescuers intended to introduce Simon to the other cows at the farm.

When Simon saw Leonardo, they instantly fell in love. They formed a strong bond with one another.


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