The Owner Finds That Her Dog Has a Secret Relationship

Murphy is a happy dog who loves nothing more than to meet new people. He truly hasn’t encountered an animal or human that he doesn’t like.

But it turns out that Murphy has been secretly preserving one of his closest relationships.

A few months ago, Murphy’s owner, Jo-Hannah Jamieson, let him out into the backyard .

Woman Catches Her Dog Carrying On A Secret Relationship - The Dodo

She believed he needed the fresh air to relieve himself. Jamieson was astounded to observe Murphy actually fusing “business” and “pleasure.”

On that particular day, Jamieson watched as Murphy made a beeline for the back of the yard. Then, through a crack in the fence, a hand reached out and started to pet and scratch Murphy. The neighbor of Jamieson, who obviously loves dogs, is the rightful owner of the hand. It’s hard to say when these brief encounters started. But it wasn’t an isolated incident.

Woman Catches Her Dog Carrying On A Secret Relationship - The Dodo

Every time I let Murphy out, he goes to the back fence to see whether [my neighbor] is there.” I believe Murphy receives at least one pet per day from him.

Murphy’s owner showers him with affection and attention. However, it seems that the offer is still simply too fantastic to pass up. When questioned if there are any grudges against Murphy for possibly preferring the neighbor’s petting, Jamieson responds sympathetically. They had been quite alone lately, after all.

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He only discusses the lockout and “working from home” with me. Consequently, based on Jamieson, I think he likes getting pets from someone else for a change. However, I’m delighted he engages in some social activity. He loves having people around. It’s good to know that Murphy has friendly neighbors.

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