An Elderly Rescue Dog Is Stuck in the Strangest Place, According to a Woman Who Finds It

While looking for a senior dog to adopt, Claudia Petrullo and her husband came across pictures of Jolene online and instantly knew she was the one.

Our veterinarian thinks Jolene is closer to the age of 13, despite Petrullo’s claim that “We adopted Jolene from PupStarz rescue in Brooklyn, New York, in February of 2022, and her adoption ad said that she was 18. ” She was so thin and toothless that the shelter probably assumed she was older.

Rescue Dog Very Offended Mom Let Her Get Stuck In Cozy Blanket - The Dodo

Jolene immediately moved into her new home and was ecstatic to be living a pleasant, opulent life. She likes her new family and is always happy to see them. When Jolene’s parents returned home as usual, they expected to be greeted by her right away. When she wasn’t there, they knew something wasn’t right.

“I was initially concerned, but I quickly realized she was beneath the cover and put her head and arm through,” Petrullo remembered of the moment she heard us enter the room.

Jolene had planned to rush to her parents’ home as usual to welcome them. She mistakenly got a little stuck instead. When her mother observed her struggles, her face looked so adorablely furious. However, she wasn’t really bothered, to be honest. According to Petrullo, Jolene was delighted to see us and cuddle us.

Rescue Dog Very Offended Mom Let Her Get Stuck In Cozy Blanket - The Dodo

Even though it wasn’t a big deal, Jolene’s parents didn’t want to ever leave her alone with the blanket again, just in case.

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