The Highly Intelligent Hyena Learns To Stand on Two Legs

Photographer Cathan Moore has spent years shooting photographs of numerous spectacular wild animals in and around the Timbavati Game Reserve in South Africa. But there is one person for whom he has a special place in his heart.

Very Smart Hyena Teaches Himself To Walk On 2 Legs - The Dodo

Having lost the use of his hind legs, a hyena has learned to exclusively utilize his front limbs to get around. Despite everything, he is thriving. When he first came across it, Moore was concerned that the hyena, which he named Two-Wheel-Drive, had a difficult existence. Moore ultimately saw, however, that the hyena was thriving. The unwavering little fellow was, in reality, as assured as ever.

Very Smart Hyena Teaches Himself To Walk On 2 Legs - The Dodo

Due to their high level of resilience, hyenas frequently recover from wounds quite quickly. Naturally, you experience deep regret and sadness, Moore said. Moore believes that a year ago, the hyena stopped moving. The hardy creature can still travel huge distances. Hyenas are scavengers and can readily provide for themselves by using their keen noses to find food scraps.

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Moore wrote on Instagram: “The more time I spend with this hyena, the more amazed I am by his wonderful character.” According to Moore, he is still quite assured and evidently in control when he is with his tribe, constantly making sure he gets his fair share.

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