It’s a Special Moment When a Mother Donkey Bonds With Her Foal for the First Time.

A touching series of photos shows how much a mother donkey adores her baby foal. Prepare to have your heart melt!

Donkeys, like horses, dogs, elephants, and many other animals, are extremely loving, especially toward their young. The adorable donkey in the photos below is just a sweet furry ball who expects its mother to always pay attention to it, which she gladly does.

Donkeys are both cute and sensitive, which is surprising. So, before the foal’s mother gives birth, everything in the box must be clean and germ-free. Even after they are born, the two require extensive care.

For at least two to three weeks, the farmer must exercise extreme caution when approaching the mother and child.

However, the baby donkey requires movement and exercise. It is also critical that the baby spend as much time as possible outside in the sun. What’s going on? Even though donkey’s milk is high in vitamins, it lacks vitamin D, so the baby should spend at least two to three hours per day outside.

Furthermore, the baby donkeys aren’t just overly sensitive. They also enjoy playing. They like people as soon as they see them, just like puppies. But I’m sure they’re both thinking the same thing because it’s difficult not to fall in love with such a cutie.

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