Despite Her Best Efforts, Panda’s “Nanny” Is Unable to Rake Any Leaves for the Cubs

This zookeeper thought it would be fun to rake the dry leaves in the pandas’ enclosure. But she quickly regrets it because all the cubs want to do is play. As a result, a video went viral and warmed many people’s hearts.

The now-famous photograph was taken by a visitor. It depicts “panda nanny” Mei, a keeper at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. She takes a photo of a breeding facility in southwest China Province, attempting to take leaves from one panda’s enclosure.

But what should have been an easy and pleasant job becomes a nightmare for the nanny when she is attacked by the giant furry cubes.

The poor woman tries in vain to do her job, but it appears that she will fail because the mischievous cubs only want to cause total chaos, and they do it flawlessly! The nanny appears to be more frustrated than ever as two pandas work together to empty a basket of leaves.

The video concludes when Mei, exhausted, finally scares the cute pandas away and escapes from their cage. At least for the time being, they did the job!

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