This Dachshund Resembles a Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Heather had been looking for a dog for a long time. Nonetheless, she had no idea which breeds to bring. She chose a dachshund because she wanted something small and unique, and she then brought the 2-month-old puppy home. From then on, wherever Heather goes with Honeydew, people ask and stop to ask about the adorable little young puppy.

Honeydew the Dachshund on Instagram: “henlo frens🥰 dis is my new collar  from @houndcollection🥺 you can… | Cute baby animals, Baby dachshund, Cute  dogs and puppies

Because Honeydew’s coloring is unusual, passersby frequently ask a few questions about whether she is a hybrid. And, each time, the patient Heather clarifies that Honeydew is purebred. The color is a beautiful work of Mother Earth.

Honeydew the Dachshund on Twitter | Dachshund puppies, Puppies, Dapple  dachshund

Despite his resemblance to a chocolate chip cookie, Honeydew is just like any other pet: a lively, kind, and cheerful young puppy.

Honeydew the Dachshund on Twitter: "do u tink am cute🥺 @dog_rates" / Twitter

Heather is overjoyed with her as she quadrates any other animal, and she also takes the time to say, “She’s so nice! She adores everyone, including people and pets!” Heather recently created an Instagram account for Honeydew, and she now has over 515,000 followers.

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