Raccoon Cubs  Lost Their Mother, and a Lovely Pitbull Takes Care of Them

A caring dog named Ashlyn provided the three abandoned baby raccoons with love and care after their mother died. The lovely pit bull, who was initially perplexed, eventually adopted and raised the tiny critters as her own. She is now preparing them for their return to the forest, where they belong.

Rain, Storm, and Hailey were only a few weeks old when their mother passed away. The poor raccoons seek refuge in the garden of a Canadian family. Fortunately, that move would forever change their lives! The caring family, who also has a pit bull, initially hand-fed the newborn raccoons but later decided Ashlyn would make an excellent adoptive mother.

At first, Ashlyn struggled with adjusting to her new motherhood; however, times have changed. They began to resemble a large happy family, thanks to the gentle pit bull’s natural instincts.

“When the trio first arrived, Ashlyn was wary of them,” the dog’s mother Katie wrote on Instagram. “She adopted them as her own puppies after a few days.”

Despite Ashlyn’s adorable family, both the pit bull and Katie attempt to teach the newborn raccoons how to survive outside. Rain, Storm, and Hailey will have to return to the wild at some point, so they must prepare!

The three rescued raccoons are doing so well that the family has created an Instagram account to keep everyone updated on their progress. Katie stated, “We’re just here to teach kids life skills.”

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