A Man Uses a Spare Bedroom To Make a Little Living Space for His Dogs

Challah, Peaches, and Mitzi lead beautiful lives. They have plenty of room to run about and play; an unendingly loving father; and an extraordinary dog living room that is more luxurious than most ordinary living rooms. When Ben Mazer was at work, he hated to leave his gorgeous pack of dogs home alone.

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He made his spare bedroom into their very own living room so they could hang out anytime he was going to be gone for a while out of concern that they would inadvertently damage themselves or get into something they shouldn’t.

While I’m away, I wanted to make a place where they could stay in comfort. The original ideas for the living room were simple. There are miniature sofas, pieces of art, and a few plants. Extra in a restrained way.

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For the comfort of Mazer’s three tiny dogs, the room now includes a fish tank, a television, a fireplace, books, shelves, a chandelier, end tables, and throw pillows—all in miniature. They are more than happy to spend time there when Dad is at work or even when he is at home.

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Mazer remarked that they seem to enjoy the fact that I visit there as well.

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