Why a Shelter Dog Won’t Lie In Her Bed

Charlotte went to The Humane Society of Sarasota County in February after rescuing from poor living circumstances. They surprised to see that the cute pitbull mix seemed to be ignoring them. She wasn’t being rude, they quickly realized; she was just hard of hearing.

Fortunately, Charlotte’s life was about to change. Soon, she’ll meet someone who perfectly understood the situation she was in.

According to Alissa Jackson, Charlotte’s position atop the desk was an excellent solution to her hearing problem. Charlotte didn’t require perfect hearing as long as she could sit in a height-appropriate position.

According to Jackson, she probably preferred the desk since she is weird and loved being higher up to perhaps peek over the cubicle to see people coming since she couldn’t hear them.

Jackson looked after ensuring Charlotte’s special requirements were satisfied. She used hand gestures to facilitate teaching Charlotte orders and tricks. Charlotte eventually picked up the hand signals for “sit,” “place,” and “free.”

A woman who was particularly excited to see Charlotte after hearing about her on a nearby radio station responded to the humane group. Laurie Hall, who also has hearing loss, recognized Charlotte’s predicament right away. The shelter workers could see that the union was built in paradise.

Hall told The Dodo, “She is the best, most affectionate, calmest and brightest dog I have ever owned.” It was in our destiny to raise a family.

Hall and Charlotte now spend their days walking and cuddling at home. Charlotte no longer needs to perch on tables because she is aware that her devoted mother is present at all times.

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