Every Night, the Hedgehog and the Fox Share a Meal. The Hedgehog Is Tiny, While the Fox Is Huge.

Because there are so many foxes in the United Kingdom, people who live in wooded areas are frequently witnessing these adorable creatures. It also had an impact on her and her family. When the young woman noticed how friendly the foxes were, she decided to feed them. That persuaded them to return again and again.

“We had foxes visit our house for years, but like many people, we believed they were dangerous. However, we discovered a few years ago how gentle they are,” Lucy said.

Lucy has been giving away free food to the dog and cat that have been living in the woman’s back garden for the last few years.

A free meal is always welcome if you’re hungry, especially if you’re a small hedgehog. Another strange visitor arrived a few months ago: a small hedgehog. The tiny animal was initially terrified, but only approached the food after the four foxes had finished eating. They didn’t intend to chase him away, but rather to become friends with him!

According to Lucy, “He marched right through the bunch of foxes and started on a bowl.” I was afraid they’d attack him when I saw him. Instead, they stared at him, as if they couldn’t believe how brave he was, and let him eat alone.

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