A Wild White Lion That Had Been Suffering All His Life Was Saved

Kevin Richardson, renamed the “lion whisperer,” tells the story as he has known it for many years. He treats animals as if they were his children. As a result, seeing the lion’s situation completely broke his heart. As a result of his pain, he claims, Aslan has become more distant, angry, and mean. He has also distanced himself from pride.

You’ve probably already heard of Kevin. He is in charge of the Kevin Richardson Wildlife Preserve, which cares for carnivores and is self-sustaining. He knows the South African lion pride well enough to trust them over the years. So, Aslan, do the same!

It is vital for a lion to have usable teeth. The main goal was to get the lion to use his teeth again. Fixodent would make it happen faster than they had anticipated. The lion was almost ready to bite again after that. Even better, the anguish that was killing him was about to come to an end.

Movie seeks end to lion hunting in S. Africa – Orange County Register

The procedure to repair the teeth took nearly 6 hours. By the end of the mission, four teeth had been repaired. And they were all effective.
Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp stated that he had been infected for a long time. Aslan also spent more time at the sanctuary recovering and receiving antibiotics before returning to the pride.

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