The Photos of a Dog and a Butterfly Are Adorable!

Mochi is the most adorable French Bulldog you could ever see. She is a five-month-old San Diego, California puppy. She’s adorable!

Mochi’s owner, Rylee Boland, says the dog is a lot of fun and very loving. So far, Boland has only been running Mochi’s Instagram for a month – and Mochi already has more than 7,000 fans!

See This Little French Bulldog Who Just Befriended A Butterfly - The Dodo

Mochi’s feed will show what Boland means. They love to snuggle when they’re together and are always super cute. Mochi’s a puppy so she’s curious and playful, and she wants to know everything!

While playing hide-and-seek in Boland’s backyard one day, Mochi saw a Monarch butterfly with bright orange wings. Mochi was very excited to see the butterfly and went over to it to take a closer look. She sat still and watched it for a while.

Mochi is very energetic and should have scared the butterfly away. Boland was taken aback by the events. Boland kept a safe distance when she saw Mochi, as if she knew how delicate butterflies are and didn’t want to hurt them.

They are intelligent and intuitive, and Mochi’s actions prove that she is also kind and compassionate. It took about 15 minutes for Mochi and her butterfly friend to get used to each other.

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