A Teenager Pulls Over To Save an Animal Whose Head Is Stuck in a Cup

When Becky Ball, her son, said he wanted to stop the car, she didn’t trust him.

“I assumed he was kidding,” Ball said.

The resilient teen, however, was not going to accept no as an answer. Looking out the passenger window, the youngster felt compelled to act when he saw a skunk with his head stuck in a cup.

They saw the skunk struggling on the road, wandering around aimlessly, blind, on their way to the boy’s cross-country practice.

Ball was immediately concerned about what would happen if her son approached a notoriously smelly animal.

I was concerned he would get sprayed, Ball said. Before he opened the door to leave, “I did not think he was serious.”

After the child carefully removed the cup from the skunk, the small animal was eventually set free. He fortunately avoided frightening the skunk and triggering a spray reaction.

It’s possible that the skunk realized the child was assisting him as he continued to move along the road.

The teen’s conviction shows that it might occasionally be beneficial to speak up when it comes to preserving animals, even though the outcomes might be unpleasant.

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