A Photographer in Minnesota Captures Gorgeous Black Wolf in Amazing Photographs

Seeing a beautiful wild animal must be the stuff of dreams for every photographer. Conrad Tan went to the Minnesota wilderness to find it. The San Francisco-based photographer had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a black timber wolf, a stunning creature.

In a series of gorgeous wintertime images, Tan captures the majesty and grace of this beast. The seasoned photographer was in one of the several wildlife refuges the state offers.

Perfect Timing Photos: A Close Encounter With A Minnesota Black Wolf

He was able to observe and capture this amazing animal in its native habitat here. In actuality, the magnificent images speak for themselves. Tan, who is highly committed and talented, considers himself a perfectionist when it comes to photography! I’m fixated on getting the perfect shot, on matter what it is. I tend to fight with every image I create  he said. That, I believe, is what inspired me to come back.

I have yet to examine all the numerous disciplines that make up this pastime. I enjoy helping out other photographers when I can. I believe it is important to give back to the hobby that has given me so much joy.

Native Americans consider the black wolf to be their spirit animal, and seeing one signals the beginning of an important lesson. Despite having black coats that set them apart from grey wolves, they all come from the same wolf family.

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