Woman Gives Dog Owner’s Jacket To Keep Him Warm While Waiting Outside

Kristina Hollie and a coworker were waiting for the bus at Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts when they noticed a lovely puppy and his mother running errands. Sadly, his mother couldn’t bring the puppy inside with her since she was getting ready to enter the post office. She began to tie him to the tree, and what she did next encouraged everyone watching.

Woman Gives Dog Her Coat - The Dodo

“I could see that he was visibly trembling,” Hollie said, adding that the weather was rather chilly and windy. Since she instantly took off her jacket and covered the dog while he was seated, she must have also witnessed it. She bent down and put it around him, perhaps afraid he’d kick it off.

He sat still, eager to put on something warm, and the dog’s mother draped her jacket around him.

As soon as she got up and passed me, Hollie said, “I told her what she did was incredibly sweet and considerate.” She merely said, “Thank you!” I don’t want him to be cold, please!

Woman Gives A Dog On The Street The Jacket Off Her Back So He Stays Warm - Cesar's Way

The cute dog was sitting on the sidewalk wearing his jacket when a lot of people stopped to take his picture or comment on how comfortable it was.

He seemed extremely warm and cuddly. I saw two or three other people say, as they passed him, “Holle.”

Woman puts jacket over her dog to keep him warm while he waits outside, had no clue her actions were being captured

Finally, Hollie’s bus showed up. As she boarded, she turned to see the puppy in a jacket waiting for his mom, who loved him enough to give him the jacket off her own back.

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