The Lonely Beagle Decides To Adopt a Baby Possum He Discovers in the Backyard

Over the years, we have witnessed a lot of strange relationships between various sorts of animals. And one thing is for sure: when it comes to caring for and comforting people who are in need, nothing beats a dog’s loving spirit. These creatures we name dogs, and this kind-hearted Beagle is no exception, are, it seems, everyone’s favorite friends.

Lonely beagle adopts an adorable baby possum after losing a litter of  puppies | Daily Mail Online

Molly, a sweet Beagle who lives in Australia, wasn’t having the greatest of times because she had suffered the devastating loss of her puppies at delivery. She was not at all unhappy or gloomy, and she never experienced such loneliness. But when she encountered Poss, a baby possum who had been abandoned, everything was about to change.

Heartbroken Beagle Who Lost Her Puppies Adopts Possum and Now They're  Inseparable

A small creature was discovered by the lone dog as it was relaxing in the backyard. The tiny creature was extremely alarmed and perplexed. He most likely lost his mother on the way there and fell from a tree. But as soon as the cute, tiny baby saw her, he leapt on Molly’s back, thinking she was his mother. The dog, though, was more than happy to carry him.

Abandoned possum hitches ride on dog's back |

It’s adorable to observe these two remarkably different animals finding comfort in one another. While young Poss is consoling his adoptive mother after she loses her infant, Molly shows her baby what a mother’s love looks like by cuddling and caring for him constantly.

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