People Find Bobcat Frozen on Train Tracks During Cold Weather

In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Coby Reid was assessing a section of railroad lines when he came across a small creature that was practically invisible.

Bobcat Discovered Frozen to Train Tracks Amid Winter Freeze

A young bobcat was sitting in the center of the tracks, unconcerned that he was impeding traffic. The cat was “reposed on his haunches with one arm casually stretched over the rail, as though he were resting in an armchair,” according to Reid.

Reid attempted to wrap the bobcat in his jacket to keep him warm as a train was rapidly approaching behind them and he realized they had to get the wild animal to safety.

Train crew frees a bobcat frozen to the tracks |

After giving the problem some thought, Reid says, “We decided to phone our office and have someone send someone to bring us a pail of hot water to help release the unfortunate cat from the rail.” “Our boss showed up there a short while later, water in hand, ready to help. “

One of the cat’s legs was released by the first bucket of water, which increased his rage. Reid remarked, “With a little persuasion and more warm water, the cat was free.” To our astonishment, he refused to go without a struggle.


Finally, barely in time, Reid and the other inspectors managed to remove the bobcat from the rails.

Despite the fact that the bobcat didn’t seem to appreciate the assistance, Reid was still delighted that he was there to give the small creature another chance at life.

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