Huge Walrus Decides To Use Another Person’s Boat

For several months now, Wally the walrus has been making his way across the waters of Europe. He is thought to have dozed off on an iceberg in Greenland at the beginning of this year, which later drifted south.

Even though Wally is unfamiliar with this type of terrain, he still seems to be enjoying his spontaneous outing.

A Walrus Climbs into Boats While Cruising Europe - Soundings Online

Workers from the Irish distillery Clonakilty discovered the wandering walrus earlier this week. He must have made the decision to hijack one of their ships that was anchored offshore so he could rest his fins for a spell.

Wally quickly established himself as feeling at home.

 Adam Collins, a spokesman for Clonakilty Distillery, said, “We never thought in a million years we’d see him here, especially on one of our team’s boats.”

Huge Walrus Decides To Borrow A Stranger's Boat - The Dodo

Wally obviously needed to rest, and he knew just where to put himself.

According to Collins, he appeared to be completely at ease as he lounged on the boat.

The boat listed somewhat due to Wally’s massive size, but he didn’t appear to notice. He was now the only owner of the abandoned ship; its real owners could not have been more selfish.

Huge Walrus Decides To Borrow A Stranger's Boat - The Dodo

Collins remarked, “Thank goodness, the boat suffered no damage.” We were happy to leave him alone and unwind.

Wally took advantage of the opportunity to nap briefly.

Collins claims that Wally was still relaxing on the boat as evening fell and the boat’s owners returned to land. Due to the kidnapping whale, they had to give up the use of their boat that day, yet there were no hard feelings at all.

Collins remarked, “Just seeing him was an incredible experience.”

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