Father Orangutan Rises to Care For His Daughter After His Mother’s Death

Typically, orangutan fathers do not assist in raising their children. No other animal on Earth spends as much time with its young as females do, and they remain close to them for years. Because of this, mother orangutans have, without a doubt, the strongest attachment to their children of any animal species.

Denver Zoo Orangutan Steps Up as 'Mr. Mom' after Young Daughter's Mother Dies Unexpectedly | PEOPLE.com

The father took the initiative to raise his children when the mother died. The unusual happenings took place at the Denver Zoo.

Sadly, orangutan Nias, who was 32 years old, passed away from a heart attack. Orangutans can live up to 40 years in the wild, but with human care, they can survive an additional 10 years.

Nias, who started working at the Denver Zoo in 2005 when she was just 17 years old, has spent the last 15 years interacting with guests and serving as a spokeswoman for her critically endangered species.

Extremely Rare': Male Orangutan Steps Up to Care for Daughter, 2, After Mom's Sudden Death

After Nias passed away, Berani left everyone surprised when he decided to raise his daughter Cerah on his own. As it turned out, Nias is excelling at the role of “mom.”

“Wow, that was amazing to see. Zookeeper Cindy Cossaboon said, “It’s this enormous guy with this small, little infant.” It’s one of those situations where a tremendous storm comes first and a rainbow appears later. He is performing admirably. For her, we couldn’t have asked for greater care.

Nias is a very loving father who holds his daughter as she sleeps and comforts her whenever she cries.

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The Denver Zoo posted on Facebook that “Berani is extremely devoted and protective of her, seeing to all her needs.” He will hold her, give her comfort, and even snuggle her as she sleeps.

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