A Woman at the Beach Runs Into a Dog Who Can’t Stop Staring at the Sea

Recently, Jolie Mejia and her family decided to visit Punta Negra, a little beach town near their house in Peru. A strange dog who seemed to be by himself approached Mejia and her family after they had bedded down along the shore.

Woman At The Beach Meets A Dog Who Won't Stop Staring Out To Sea - The Dodo

She said he didn’t appear abandoned. He had clean fur and a ribbon around his neck, Meja remarked. She petted him while she waited for his owner to show up, but no one showed up after a while. Although the dog enjoyed being petted by Meja, he was constantly focused on the water.

Meja swiftly recognized the endearing rationale for this. Presuming the puppy had been abandoned, they thought about taking him in themselves. So, when a local man passed by, Meja asked him whether he knew what had become of the dog.

Woman at beach meets dog who won't stop staring out to sea

Meja said, “He explained that almost everyone in the neighborhood knows the dog and is quite fond of him.” He explained to us that the dog was owned by a deceased fisherman who frequented the beach every day to watch the waves.

The dog appears to have been keeping watch in anticipation of his friend’s untimely return.

We were deeply moved, “Meja stated.”

Woman At The Beach Meets A Dog Who Won't Stop Staring Out To Sea - The Dodo

When Mejia and her family parted ways with Vaguito at the end of the day, his eyes were still cast out to sea. She won’t soon forget his tragic narrative of loyalty to a love he lost and the love and support he received from the community.

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