A Wild Horse’s Touching Reunion With His True Mate After Years Apart

Wild horses (and a few other additional species) have lifetime relationships, which is unusual for animals in general. Because of this, they have a very close familial bond. This reunion was emotional for this reason, after all.

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The beginning of this tale with a nice finish was a snap. The beautiful wild stallion Phoenix makes a spectacular getaway from a catch. Impressively, after successfully escaping, the mustang went back to rescue his soulmate, Ghost, who was still held hostage there with other wild horses.

The American Wild Horse Campaign first published it. The woman was so thrilled that she pledged to use all of her resources to reunite the two horses. But that was a difficult task!

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Clare and her dedicated team first made an unsuccessful attempt to adopt both horses. “They told us that both Phoenix and his female partner will eventually be released back to the wild, which we were delighted about,” the woman said. But every day there was less chance of liberating them.

Over a year later, Phoenix was still behind bars, and to make matters worse, Ghost was nowhere to be found. When Clare eventually discovered that perhaps the mustang wouldn’t be released back into the wild, She then filled out the adoption form for the stallion. Despite her success, Clare was unhappy that she was unable to bring Phoenix and his love together.

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But when you persevere and never give up, there is always a reward. Clare knew about it. So, after more than two years, she and her team finally succeeded in doing the impossible. Phoenix and Ghost have finally reunited! Naturally, the emotional reaction to the long-awaited meeting of the two stunning horses was strong.

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