A Stray Dog Interrupts a Couple’s Wedding and Later Becomes a Member of Their Family

On the day of their wedding, Douglas Robert and Tamris Muzini expanded their small family. The two were unprepared for the visitor.

It was someone they had only recently met.

Couple Has The Best Reaction After Stray Dog Crashes Their Wedding - The Dodo

As the glowing bride, Muzini, arrived at the church in Brazil where her wedding was due to take place, a stray dog was mingling with the crowd of guests. She believed the dog would make a terrific wedding crasher, despite the fact that his being there was unexpected.

“I was surprised. When I saw a dog inside the chapel, Muzini said, “Look at that.” My heart started to break.

The dog lingered while the wedding began, keeping an eye on Muzini and Robert as they exchanged vows from the doorway.

He appeared to have known the outcome from the beginning.

As the wedding ceremony came to a conclusion and the couple became legally married, the adorable stray dog was overjoyed. When Muzini and her husband emerged from the chapel, the dog was there to greet them.

It moved the newlyweds. However, there was also a message from the heart mingled in with what appeared to be well wishes from the hapless dog.

“He wanted to be taken home when he greeted us at the conclusion.” “Take me,” Muzini said.

Couple Has The Best Reaction After Stray Dog Crashes Their Wedding - The Dodo

The newlyweds were affected. The apparent good wishes from the unfortunate canine were mixed in with a message from the heart, nevertheless.

When he finally acknowledged us, he begged, “Take me home. Bring me, Muzini said.”

It was a message that was received well.

Muzini and her husband decided to adopt the dog at that same moment, forming a third member of their union.

It turned out to be a great day for the dog as well.

They promised to always love and care for their puppy, Braiá Caramelo.

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