A Random Pigeon Approaches A Man And Requests Help

On a particularly hot day in Turkey last weekend, Recep Serçe decided to brave the heat in order to finish some outside tasks. Since washing his car was the first thing he needed to do, he grabbed the hose and turned it on.

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Though Serçe was not aware of it at the time, he would soon be obliged to use it for a much more honorable purpose.

Serçe was cleaning his car when a bird appeared by coincidence and settled on the bonnet. The poor bird seemed to be struggling in the sweltering heat. Serçe understood that she needed help.

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Serçe said. It was miraculous in feeling. I was ecstatic to see her.

And it shows up.

Serçe stopped what he was doing to bathe the little pigeon, quench her thirst, and cool her feathers. And sure enough, as time passed, her weak body grew more resilient.

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After a short period, feeling rejuvenated, she departed.

The pigeon’s life was clearly altered, despite the fact that their interaction was extremely fleeting. Serçe is grateful that he was able to assist.

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