A Lioness With a Heart of Gold Protects a Helpless Baby Fox From a Hungry Lion

This story is from one of the countless national parks in Botswana. The mother lioness, who was walking through the park with pride, overheard a baby crying. The cries of a baby fox were heard. When she did reach the baby fox, she saw that its hind legs were badly hurt and that it was motionless.

The dominant male of the pride pounced on the cub, trying to eat him. The resulting few minutes were truly miraculous!

The lioness could obstruct the lion’s path and stop him from doing so, despite her bravery. The lioness doesn’t allow anyone to approach the baby fox.

We already knew that the lioness and the fox were beast monarchs, so her mother’s instinct saved the fox’s life!

The lioness would give him a paw for trying to catch the fox each time. The lion pride moved on to another location after that.

The fox cub recovered quickly enough to reunite with his family. This is a great example of how much more friendly animals are than people.


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