The Dog Asks for Help by Walking Himself to the Veterinary Clinic

Brazilian veterinarian Igor Holanda was at his desk when an unexpected visitor burst in. There was a dog by himself.

According to Holanda, he entered subtly and stopped. At first, we didn’t understand. We looked around to see if there was anyone with him, but there wasn’t.

But the dog wasn’t lost. It turns out that he was a stray with a neck wound. Additionally, he was supported by ideal individuals.

When we got close, we saw that the animal was pleading for assistance, “Holanda continued.” Of course, the dog didn’t have a scheduled appointment. However, Holanda treated him without delay.

He was brought into the office, where he underwent a general clinical evaluation before having the wound cleaned, according to Holanda.

The grateful puppy was a perfect patient throughout it all.

More attention will be required for the dog’s wound, but Holanda is committed to seeing him through to a full recovery. After all, the dog’s puppy had chosen the vet to treat it.

The veterinarian added, “God guided this animal to my clinic so I could care for him,” while Holanda replied, “I feel blessed to be able to help.”

Hopefully, the dog’s decision to visit the vet’s office will have benefits beyond a physically cured body. Holanda believes his lonely days as a stray have finally come to an end.

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His therapy will take a little longer, but it will be effective, said Holanda. And with God’s help, he’ll also find someone to love him.

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